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In the past, sellers have been afraid of pre-listing inspections because they’d reveal things about the home that they may not want to disclose. However, since buyers are now required to get a home inspection, sellers are realizing the value in having an inspection performed up front.
1. It helps nip problems in the bud more quickly, rather than waiting for the buyer’s inspection
By getting an inspection done early, you have more time to fix any issues, and more time gives you more options. When waiting for the buyer’s inspection, you have much less time for negotiations, leaving you with limited options for having repairs done. Pre-listing inspections help reduce this stress by identifying issues up front. Having your own professional home inspection report reduces your liability as a seller if issues come up during the buyer’s inspection.
2. Homes with pre-listing inspections sell faster than those without
Getting a pre-listing inspection shows that you are serious about selling your home. It gives you more time to make repairs or updates, which you can include as a selling point in the listing. Also, buyer’s can feel more comfortable knowing you already had an inspection, potentially leading them to make an offer more quickly.
3. All parties are more comfortable with the transaction
Buyers will appreciate the fact that the seller was proactive about the sale, and isn’t trying to hide anything. It keeps the deal honest and will more than likely help the sale of the home, not hurt it. Agents can also feel at ease knowing that issues will be disclosed up front, instead of waiting for the buyer’s inspection

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