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Home Inspection

Home Inspection

A professional home inspection is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the true physical condition of the inspected property. Our inspectors follow the State standards of practice as provided by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the Florida Association of Building Inspectors. 


The foundation of the home is the single most important item. A bad foundation can cause wall and roof failures and can be very costly to repair. GHI will look for all signs of foundation issues and report on all issues large or small.


Plumbing defects are the one part of the inspection that relies heavily on the proper tools and expertise of the inspector to verify existing issues.  It is imperative to know the health of the plumbing systems before you buy a home.


An HVAC inspection is a thorough review and test of your homes heating and cooling equipment.  The Inspection is different than a service in that we look deeper into the systems integrity and function as well as looking at the safety aspects of the equipment.


The homes exterior is the armor that protects all other components of the home from the harmful elements such as rain, wind, and uv rays.  The exterior inspection will also reveal any potential issues with the homes foundation.


All appliances will be put through a strict checklist of functional tests and inspected for unusual noises and leaks as well as life expectancy.

Walls and Ceilings

The inspector will perform a comprehensive review of the physical appearance and overall condition of these components that can reveal hidden leaks and structural issues.


The roof is the first level of protection from moisture than can cause hidden damage.  GHI has the knowledge and expertise to detect hidden problems and make sure all defects are documented.


Electrical portion of the inspection will focus on all aspects of the electrical system from the service drop at the entry of the home to the distribution system.  GHI will remove protective covers and conduct a deep dive inspection looking for potential defects that could become safety issues.


Insulation inspections can reveal a tremendous amount of information about how efficient we can make the HVAC system.  The configuration of the insulation in an attic is key to moisture reduction and proper ventilation and plays a big part relating to overall HVAC efficiency.


The interior of the home is mostly cosmetic but there are several ways an inspector can locate underlying problems that may be hidden from plain sight.  GHI will focus on the simplest details to determine if a defect may be present.

Windows and Doors

This inspection will focus on any item that can cause the slightest bit of water intrusion.  We will look at door and window seals and make sure the moisture has no chance to enter the home and cause water damage.   We will also test for functionality and security and report on any possible defects.

Swimming Pool & Spa Irrigation systems

The intent of this inspection is to evaluate the current condition of the accessible components.  GHI will inspect fences, gates, pool enclosures, proximity to electrical wires, and the location of electrical outlets.  We will report on overall safety and function of the installed equipment.

Need a quality home inspection?

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