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Home Inspection Services

A full inspection of a home that consists of a thorough check of over 200 items and systems, from the roof to the foundation. This inspection is essential for buyers to confirm that the huge investment they are about to make is solid.

Home Inspection

A professional home inspection is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the true physical condition of the inspected property. Our inspectors follow the State standards of practice as provided by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the Florida Association of Building Inspectors. Learn more

Guardian Home Inspection | Lakeland, FL Home Inspections

Wind Mitigation

A certified inspector will determine which key features and add-ons reduce the amount of damage your property may suffer in the event of a strong weather condition. Even if your home does not have door and window protection, you may still qualify for a better insurance rate with the type of roof and the roof attachment of your home. Learn more

Guardian Home Inspection | Lakeland, FL Home Inspections

Four-Point Inspection

Insurance companies look to a Four-Point Inspection Report to see that four systems in the home are generally in good working condition and fulfilling their intended function. If the home is an older home, the insurance companies want to see that the systems have been updated. The Four-Point Insurance Inspection consists of the following four systems: Roof inspection, HVAC , HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. Learn more

Guardian Home Inspection | Lakeland, FL Home Inspections

Mobile Home Inspection


Our mobile home inspections include a comprehensive evaluation of all major components of the building including the structure, roof, electrical system, interior and exterior elements, heating & cooling systems, plumbing and more.

The inspection report is easy to read and includes photographs to help clarify any areas of interest.

We are confident that we will exceed your expectations with our level of detail and thoroughness.

With our vast knowledge and experience, we could increase your awareness of any and all discrepancies, along with providing you with invaluable information regarding the overall property and its features. Learn more

Need a quality home inspection?

We're here to help! Don't move into a new home without receiving a quality home inspection first. We'll save you from any surprises you could encounter when closing. Contact us today to get a quote for your property!