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newspark-whyWhy hire a home inspector? In the home buying world, the dream house you find will give you tunnel vision. That is correct, as a buyer you will be the expert for the beauty that is only skin deep. You will fall in love with features of a home that were carefully engineered to be that shiny object that will be the smoke screen for potential deeper lying issues. This is common and for that reason alone you will want a home inspector to provide you with a detailed report for the functional and safety part of a home. A typical inspection can uncover hidden issues that can become costly if they go undetected. Those costly items become a bargaining tool to drive the negotiations for finalizing the deal. The small fee paid to the inspector to uncover the hidden issues could save you thousands in repairs and give you piece of mind. At Guardian Home Inspection we will reinspect at no additional cost any repairs made for identified problems that have been corrected.

InterNACHI® inspectors are trained and certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the world’s largest association of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI® provides its members with accredited training and education, free benefits, expert advice, and peer support—all to help them serve their homeowner-clients with the highest-quality inspections for their largest investments.

As an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector®:
  • I’m required to stay up to date with the industry’s most rigorous Continuing Education through online, video and live training courses, which have been awarded more than 1,400 approvals and accreditations by governmental and other agencies;
  • I adhere to a comprehensive Standards of Practice to ensure that you receive a detailed and accurate home inspection;
  • I abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts my clients first and protects their rights as consumers; and
  • I use state-of-the-art inspection tools and reporting software so that my clients can make informed decisions about the homes they want to buy or sell.

My standard home inspection is an evaluation of the visible and accessible interior and exterior structure, systems and components. Your report will include my findings of any material defects I discover in an easy-to-read format. I will also provide my recommendations for monitoring, repair or replacement. And my job isn’t finished until you understand everything in your report.